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You should be Omega Aqua Terra Replica aware that this year marks our 10th anniversary. We Omega Aqua Terra Replica are hosting several giveaways to celebrate this milestone. Following our last contest where you could win a Garrick leather watch pouch, we have another one this week. This time, not only one participant will win, but four of you will be able to Omega Aqua Terra Replica win an MCT Watches-designed leather watch pouch. MCT Watches is a prominent player in the "indie" watchmakers world. We want to hear your thoughts about this unique watchmaking industry.This week, we want to know your first and last names, your email address, and your thoughts on the idea of an Omega Aqua Terra Replica annual Monochrome Limited Edition Watch. We're not becoming watchmakers or sticker brands! When I chased (haunted?) a ghost, the idea struck me. I was approached by a well-known watchmaker to make a special request. It was impossible at the time to make what I wanted, but it is now possible. I can only imagine that not everyone likes what my vision of. This is our tenth Omega Aqua Terra Replica year anniversary. I thought of creating a limited edition of ten pieces. However, I would love to hear your thoughts about this idea!Omega Aqua Terra Replica

Denis Omega Replica Watches Giguet founded MCT Watches (or Manufacture Contemporaine Omega Aqua Terra Replica du Temps) in 2007. The goal of MCT Watches was to create watches that display time in a bold, creative Omega Aqua Terra Replica and unique way. Don't forget the three hands that run across a circular dial. MCT's time telling is different... but that doesn't make it impossible to read. The base concept consisted of four modules that displayed the hours using five Omega Aqua Terra Replica triangular prisms. These pivot to show the time and a central minute disc rotating 90deg clockwise every hour. Although it is impressive, the complex movement was also developed in-house by MCT.Omega Aqua Terra Replica

MCT has Omega Replica developed many watches since then, including the square Omega Aqua Terra Replica Sequential One and the round Sequential Two. No matter how complicated these watches may be on the mechanical side, they are still creative, impressive, and easy to read. That's something Monochrome treasures. While it is interesting to Omega Aqua Terra Replica make a unique display, the main purpose of a watch is still to show the time. MCT was successful in this area.Today, in addition to the chance for you to win an MCT Leather Watch Roll (for 4 people), we would like to ask you a few questions Omega Aqua Terra Replica about other ways you can display the time. Is it something you would like? What would you do if you had to buy such a watch. Do we need to cover these more and go into detail about how it works? Register a few questions and you could win these watch rolls.Omega Aqua Terra Replica

This is the Replica Watches third time that we are giving away a wristwatch. The Omega Aqua Terra Replica you could win is from the Seiko Presage Collection, specifically the Seiko Presage SSSA303J1. This week, I am in Japan visiting Seiko manufacturers. I'm learning more information Omega Aqua Terra Replica about the Seiko brand and the different collections. I also learn more about their manufacturing process and technical aspects. In the weeks ahead, I will share more of what I Omega Aqua Terra Replica have seen and learned. But let's start with the watch you can win!The Seiko Presage SSA303J1 can be described as sporty, but also a little "dressy". It has a contemporary look and a very high level of technical substance. The calibre 4R57 is found inside. It has 41 hours of reserve power and is indicated by a Omega Aqua Terra Replica central reserve hand. The 29-jewel movement beats to 21,600 vph. It also has a date function that is displayed at 6 o’clock. It measures 42mm in diameter and has sapphire crystals on both sides. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters.Omega Aqua Terra Replica