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Monochrome is Omega Seamaster Replica celebrating its 10th year anniversary this year and we Omega Seamaster Replica are giving away some great stuff. You have the opportunity to win one the ten Meistersinger desk clocks (or wall clocks) featuring the iconic single-handed hour indication. The Omega Seamaster Replica clocks can be placed on your desk or mantelpiece and can also be hung on your wall. All you need is a penlite AA batteries.To win one of these clocks, you don't need to do Omega Seamaster Replica anything crazy. We appreciate you posting a photo to your Instagram account with the hashtag #monochromewatch. Yes, we will also appreciate a regram. We appreciate all social media love you can show us. We ask that you fill out the following form and subscribe to our newsletter.Omega Seamaster Replica

We Omega Replica Watches would love to know more about you (name, age, and watches that Omega Seamaster Replica are in our collection and on your wishlist). We would love to get your feedback on Monochrome. What would you Omega Seamaster Replica like to have more of? How would you rate Monochrome?We're starting today with a new giveaway action. Again, the rules are very simple. To be selected from the group of Omega Seamaster Replica participants, fill out the form and answer a few questions. You will be able to win Panerai’s new book, which was introduced last year. It comes with a hard cover. All this... to celebrate Monochrome's tenth anniversary.Omega Seamaster Replica

Panerai or our Omega Seamaster Replica local representative of the brand made the book Omega Seamaster Replica available to us. Orologeria is a collection of five essays that cover five aspects of Panerai's identity. Each essay is written and edited by a different author. These essays together will guide you through the history Florentine Brand, which has strong Omega Seamaster Replica roots in naval timepieces.We will not ask you many questions, but we will only ask a few basic questions. When you click the SUBMIT button, your registration for our newsletter will Omega Seamaster Replica be completed automatically. Good luck! We'll hold another raffle in two weeks if you aren't the lucky winner!Omega Seamaster Replica

Want to win a Seiko Discus Burger? You read that right! Monochrome Omega Seamaster Replica celebrates 5 years and 5 month anniversary. You also get to win a beautiful Seiko Discus Omega Seamaster Replica Burger.Monochrome was 5 years old last January, but I was so busy with the SIHH that I didn't have time to plan anything to celebrate 5 years. I decided to wait to celebrate 5 years, 5 months. In the meantime, Stephen Hallock and Max Busser of MB&F offered sponsorship for this giveaway in celebration of Monochrome. How could I refuse such an offer?The Seiko Discus Burger (ref SCBS007) is part of the Seiko Moving Design Collection. It was Omega Seamaster Replica launched in August 2007. Although the official name of this watch is Seiko Discus it was nicknamed Discus Burger by several Japanese websites.Max Busser, when we spoke about the Seiko Discus watch, told me that he bought it immediately after seeing it. This timepiece has a certain attitude, which Max Omega Seamaster Replica Busser likes. This Seiko is very well-made and has a strong wrist presence. Because it is sponsored and donated by MB&F, I believe the Seiko Discus is a great giveaway.Omega Seamaster Replica