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The 67th Berlinale Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica International Film Festival was held in Berlin, Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica Germany. It took place from the 11th to 21st February. The culmination of the event was the Award Ceremony. Glashutte Original, a German watchmaker, was the Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica Berlinale's principal partner this year. Although it has been involved in sponsorship for many years, this year they hosted the Golden Bear Lounge and presented the Glashutte Original Documentary Award with a 50,000 Euro Award. The Saxon manufacturer also used the occasion to showcase its Sixties Iconic Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica Square collection, which features five distinct dials.The Sixties Iconic Square collection was launched with the slogan "it's hip be square". It celebrates the unique style of the sixties. These new models are loud, colourful, and just a Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica bit eccentric. They really capture the essence and spirit of what was going on in the world at that time in music, fashion, and self-expression.Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica

It's actually quite cool Omega Replica Watches, considering that the Sixties Square Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica chronograph series - of which these models now make up part - was inspired from the 1960's 'Spezimatics' models. Retro-styled cushion-shaped cases with Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica sunburst patterns on the dials are a clear indication of that influence.Each of the five models were limited to 25 pieces and feature vibrant dials made using traditional techniques at the Saxon Manufactory's dialmaker in Pforzheim. This is significant because many of the original Spezimatic models, which were introduced in 1964, were manufactured using dials made by Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica dialmakers in Pforzheim, West Germany. The dialmaker was purchased by GO's parent company, the Swatch Group. Glashutte Original took over direct ownership 50 years later.Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica

The new Sixties Omega Replica Iconic Square collection consists of five models, as I Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica have already mentioned. There are five models: Fire (red), Ocean, Blue), Graphite(grey), Forest and Forest (green), and Tangerine [orange]. Each model has its own Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica unique personality, despite sharing the same movement and case design. I was drawn to some models more than others. However, this is purely a matter personal preference.It would be easy for you to think that the Sixties Iconic Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica Square collection is just another set with colorful dials. The dials are unique and made using traditional tools and techniques from the 1960's. Each dial is Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica meticulously handcrafted and requires a lot of labour. The way that the coloured lacquers are applied on the dials, which have had a galvanic coating, is striking. This allows for Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica the perfect shading and hues. The final step is to apply black lacquer to the dial with a special spray gun. The angle at which the gun's tip is held will affect the colour gradient. This is also known as the "degrade effect", which makes each watch unique. It results in darkened edges and light centreOmega Speedmaster Racing Replica gradually giving way to darker perimeters. They are too beautiful to be photographed.Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica

However Replica Watches, it is worth noting that not all dial variations use the same Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica techniques. The unusual colour of the Tangerine dial is due to the addition of a lacquer colour. This means that the initial galvanic coating of gold gets mixed with a layer black and red lacquer.Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica